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leioI read your documents, manuals, articles, e-mails and much more adding and grouping knowledge.



all information is added to my database, interpreted, classified and learned.



you ask me questions like talking to another human being.


Answers in seconds:

I use cognitive intelligence to select the most accurate information and answer you.

Do you want to know how Alan manages to bring intelligence to your company?

Through different features, the intelligent business assistant assures accurate numbers and operations. Take a look on how processes work!

Semantic search:

my artificial intelligence understands the relations between similar words and facilitates the semantic search.

Spell Checker:

my learning is exponential and I can correct it if you misspell words.

Knowledge bases:

I manage to organize my knowledge into bases, facilitating the search for information.


you can share my knowledge base with just one click, without any operation or integration process.


with a simple answer if you like it or not, you help me to refine my calculations and interpretation skills.

Autonomous evolution:

I emulate questions, create new standards and become more and more intelligent.


I am ready to serve 1 or 1 million users with all my functions to find the perfect result for your operation.

Hi, I'm Alan, your intelligent business assistant!

In a few seconds, I read, interpret, contextualize and synthesize information.

How can I help you?

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Overcome challenges, go further

Cost reduction. More speed in processes. Greater business intelligence. Cognitive technologies and artificial intelligence are already a reality. Take a look at some data:



of companies obtain competitive advantages by using AI.



of companies plan to invest more in cognitive technologies.



of companies made profits through artificial intelligence. Source: Deloitte

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