Tap into your company's 
collective knowledge 
within second.
Find what you need faster -
using trusted AI search

Fuel productivity using AI-powered search
designed for workplaces

Company experiencing unparalleled productivity

With AI Search

Revolutionize the way you work

In a 5-day work week, the average worker loses 1 full day of work looking for knowledge and information within their company.

With AI-search for the workplace, simply enter your query and leave the retrieval Alan (your AI Assistant).

Say goodbye to information silos

Easily access knowleadge across all of your
company’s apps

Supercharged meeting assistance

Elevate the power of your meet conversations with
Alan. Effortlessly stay informed about meetings with
AI-Powered summaries that allow you to quickly
catch up in seconds.

Intelligent chat funcionality

Through chat, ask for exactly what you’re looking for
and unlock the ability to effortlessly retrieve the
information you need, when you need it.

Manage Company Knowledge

Enhance collaboration, decision-making, innovation,
and overall operational efficiency with easy-to-use
search capabilities and knowledge management.

Alan user are working faster and smarter

Makes 15

Saves 6-8 hours per

Summaries 20
meetings per month

Teams who are focusing on what really matters

API for value creation

Enterprises utilize our API to establish fresh connections between software and services, driving productivity, facilitating novel customer-oriented services for both internal and external stakeholders, and offering unique perspectives. Straight out of the box!

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